t shirt time?

we've all seen "jersey shore" on mtv whether we'd like to admit it or not.  given that i have a bit of addiction to trashy reality tv (i'm looking into meetings), i was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only do we have episodes of jersey shore running here, but we have something better. something (dare i say it) trashier.

they're the cast of the geordie shore. they may look similar to the cast of the jersey shore, and i'm sure it's hard to believe, but they are much much worse/better.  they're skin is oranger, they're always drunker, the girls wear far less expensive fake eyelashes, and they can barely speak english.  

in case you still need proof: http://www.mtv.co.nz/shows/featured/geordie-shore/ 
or the abridged version here: http://www.geordieshorehq.com/quotes/

the best part? they are also completely uncensored.  every f-bomb is heard and every accidental (and even sometimes with purpose) flash is blur free. and all shows are that way. all these shows i've been watching in america for years are on here, and it's like watching a completely new episodes.

 seriously, i might actually understand a couple of ronnie and sammi's fights on jersey shore now that i can hear everything that's being said. (kidding, let's not go that far)

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  1. Oh, those crazy Kiwis with their political incorrectness and lack of sensitivity...Or, Americans are the crazy ones - allowing a Parents Television Council to censor all the good stuff. :)