so i know i keep writing in the past tense and most of my posts are about events last week, but let's face it, i'm never going to be the dedicated blog journalist who reports everything i did right after i did it.  i had a pretty busy week last week, in a good way that those of you with the perks of working in advertising can understand.  i went to a show for nz fashion week (re: previous blog post) and also attended the battle of the ad bands.

the battle of the ad bands (or b.o.t.a.b. which is wayyyy more fun to say) is pretty much exactly what is sounds like. each agency in auckland has a band (obviously made up of their employees) who comes and puts on a show at a bar to compete for prizes in different categories including "best band."  

i know what you're thinking - it's just an excuse to get drunk.  partially true, but despite any bias placed on me via vodka sodas, the bands were actually really good.  our band, the chased, was ah-ma-zing. seriously.  they ended their set with a cover of "the walrus" that had the whole crowd singing like they were the beatles.  in the end, we took home best cover (for "the walrus"), best wildcard (song that was selected for the band to learn), and best drummer.  i'm also pretty positive we got bonus points for being the only band with a horn section.

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  1. Why weren't you IN the band (or were you!?) I only ask since I know you are very experienced on the drums...