rwc fevaaaah

the rugby world cup kicks off this week on friday and it seems the city has really started to pick up.  this is something i've been anticipating for awhile since pretty much every kiwi i spoke to when i moved here told me this was a "really good time to move here" purely based on the fact that the rwc was approaching.  

walking around this past weekend, the streets were a bit more crowded than usual.  part of it might be that the weather is warming up a bit and people are out and about, but based on the number of slrs with enormous lenses being toted around, i'm guessing a lot of the traffic is also from "foreigners" (i use quotes because i could probably get lumped into that category myself).  loads of people from the uk, europe, and asia (and maybe a couple americans) are here and i'm excited to have the opportunity to meet people out from all over the world.

also, i'm a sucker for enormous inflatable paraphernalia, so i'm really into all the decoration that has been going up around the city.  this is just the beginning - you're bound to see more photos like these soon enough:

giant inflatable rugby ball on the viaduct.  just in case no one knows what's happening this week..

did i mention i'm dating?

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