confessions of a shopaholic

it's no secret i love to shop, and i sincerely doubt this sets me apart somehow from the rest of the female population.  so i was pretty excited when coming to a new country to learn about all the different shops and designers that are available here that might not be available in the us.

shopping in new zealand, however, is a bit tricky. there are some really great shops like karen walker, ruby boutique, storm, decjuba, witchery, juliette hogan, and sass & bide (to name WAY more than a few).  they have beautiful clothing and about a million things i want to buy while i'm here.  it just seems that everything is astronomically expensive compared to what i'm used to.  for example, most dresses of bloomingdales quality that would typically run around $200 - $300 seem to be more around $600 - $700.

even the "bargain" brands are pretty pricey around here.  stores like glassons, portman's, and dotti with cool clothes at forever 21 quality, sell dresses as high as $160.  tatty's, a second hand store that carries nice brand name clothing, sells h&m and forever 21 shirts for $40-$60. (!!!) granted, it's difficult to get these items here in NZ as they don't have the stores, but selling used clothing for more than the original price is pretty insane.

luckily, i've managed to save up my pennies and purchase a couple of gems...

realizing this doesn't look very appealing in a photo, but this is a cropped cut-out poncho from decjuba. gotta love a one size fits all item.

high-waisted shorts from ruby boutique. i can't resists a peace sign button.

maxi skirt from glassons.  it doesn't look very appealing in the photo, however it's fully sheer and has a short black mini skirt as a slip underneath so it looks pret-ty cool on. and don't you worry - i'll be tucking in/belting over that elastic waistband..

and finally, the most beautiful dress EVER that i coveted for about 3 months before breaking down and purchasing from karen walker. sigh...perhaps she'll make an appearance at krystle's wedding in march?

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