most of my friends that i am keeping in touch with have included a question on whether or not NZ celebrates halloween in their most recent emails.  the answer to this question? yes. do they celebrate thanksgiving? no, and i don't want to talk about it. (sigh)

anyway, last night i went with one of my flatmates to a friend's halloween party.  honestly, nothing really crazy to report. we went to a party, drank some wine, met a few new friends, and ended the night dancing to a live band at a bar on the waterfront.  the most interesting piece of the night for me was how difficult it seemed to be for people to understand what i was dressed as.  i was pretty sure it was obvious, given that i was dressing as one of my favorite childhood icons. the number of people who questioned my costume, however, was probably somewhere in the teens.  maybe i'm more americanized than i think.

i don't want to be vain and post 197312749873 photos of me trying to be cute in my costume (not like i have any of those...), but please feel free to let me know if my costume isn't  as glaringly obvious as i assumed it was...

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