martha's backyard

i've been hearing about this one shop since i arrived in new zealand, and today my flatmate and i took our first trip there.  martha's backyard is auckland's "american shop" offering us brand foods, candy, beauty products, cleaning products, and clothing.

you're probably wondering why i would even be interested in visiting a store like this and walking in i honestly thought i wouldn't be phased by seeing a store full of products that i've been around for the past 25 years. i've been so excited with trying all the new foods here in nz (probably obvious from the majority content of this blog), the thought of going back to american brands seemed kind of boring. but upon entering, i found that this is basically a store filled with items that were either staple grocery purchases for me for the past few years (i.e. crystal hot sauce) or my absolute favorite foods growing up (i.e. funfetti cake mix). so i went a little nuts.

strange how you don't remember how much you miss wheat thins until they're right in front of you... and you're screaming... and people are slowly moving their children away from you...

the front of the shop - super flash.

my wares.

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