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last week i had the opportunity to go to a soundcheck for rhythm and vines.  honestly, when i was first invited i wasn't quite sure what this meant, but i signed up anyway because hey, who am i to turn down plans?

rhythm and vines is an annual music festival here in gisborne that goes for three days ending on new years eve.  so, one might think that the soundcheck is a small venue event where the line up plays music to prepare for the big event - complete with "check 1, 2s" and "test tests," but it was actually a mini- concert of sorts and they announced the official line up for the big show in december.

the music is a lot of dance/electronica/hip hip type stuff, so i'm sure you can imagine it was an interesting crowd.  i was with a few co-workers (who are normal i promise) but in general i'd say most of the people there were still in some sort of school - whether that be high school or uni - and even more were on some kind of drugs.

i've never felt so old in my life as when a girl in front of me had a bag of what looked to me like little colored lego blocks confiscated from her and was ushered away by the police (meaning, they weren't lego blocks...).  which reminds me, i have been meaning to google what the heck kind of drugs look like lego blocks - anyone have any clue? kids these days.

anyway, after a brief cavity search at the door, we got into the venue and it was packed.  i won't lie, i'll listen to a bit of electronica music every once in awhile, but i'm not full on into that genre so i had pretty low expectations of the event, but the crowd was so enthusiastic it was hard not to get sucked in.

here's a little snapshot of the crowd from the VIP section....that i was in....being a VIP....

untz, untz, untz

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