weekend at whitianga

this past weekend was labour weekend, which is kind of like labor day weekend in the states. or at least i'm assuming that because both holidays involve a three day weekend that includes "labour/labor" in the title.  given that i have a new job and haven't really accrued much leave time yet, i was really excited to get away for the weekend.  i was supposed to go on a hike with a couple of friends from work, but unfortunately we received a last minute poor forecasting with high winds and some of the less experienced hikers (i.e. me) had to cancel.  

all was not lost, however, as my flatmates were heading over to whitianga in the coromandel this weekend and were able to squeeze me into their room.  literally, as i slept on a mattress smaller than a twin bed on the ground. i was desperate to get out of the city for the weekend though and dying to see more of the beaches here, so it was a great escape.  we even made a few friends in our unit the first night as we were paired with a group of three french guys around our age who were in NZ for the rugby world cup final game.  

the good news for you is i ended up bringing my good camera along, so the next post or two may be a little photo heavy, but it's probably more fun to see photos than to read several of my rambling paragraphs.

on the beach backpackers or "tonky town" as we called it. 

probably talking about something extremely intelligent.

 just a man sleeping in a tent outside the hostel. completely normal.

the tiny tv we found hilarious enough to take several photos featuring different poses that accentuated the size. funny at the time? 

artsy photo #1 

grabbed a quick bite to eat in town and managed to refrain from taking a photo of what i was eating (a first!) 

the caption i have in mind would be too obvious (hint: it starts with "the") 

looking down at the beaches from the road. 

in LOVE with this house. 

on the walking trail to the beaches. 

cooks beach. 

some exotic nz flower i felt deserved a solo shot. 

cute cafe on the beach. 

another random attempt at being artsy. sometimes i can't help myself.

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