pie face

somewhere in the 48 hours i was in sydney, i managed to become obsessed with a small food chain that i saw around town.  i know you're thinking that this is another item probably not noteworthy enough to deserve a blog post, but it was also my first pie experience while i've been down here so i technically have to write about it.

it's called pie face (how can you not like a place named after a fictitious insult?) and they offer sandwiches, coffee, pastries, and pies.  yes, some of these pies are the standard dessert pies (fruit, chocolate, etc), but most are the savory pies that are a favorite food in these parts.

i chose conservatively and went for the chicken and mushroom pie - this seemed closest to the very familiar chicken pot pie that most of my people (americans, but i kind of just wanted to say "my people") have eaten since they were young.  it was good, but probably a little too close to cpp.  next time (and believe me there will be a next time), i think i'll venture out and try mince and tomato chutney.

the sign

the selection of pies

my "open my eyes" soy latte

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