addicted to attack

hi, my name is amanda and i am addicted to attack – a class offered here at my gym, les mills.  to most of my friends this may come as a shock considering my historical relationship with the gym, but perhaps re-reading a few dozen blog posts on fast food and booze could have been a partial influence.

according to the experts (lesmills.co.nz), attack is a "sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina - a high-energy interval training class combining athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises."

probably doesn’t sound too severe, but it’s one of the most intense work outs i’ve ever done.  the first time i went, i could hardly keep up and just barely finished the class (this doesn’t include a few pauses to “catch my breath”).  but after only a few weeks of going to class, i’ve moved from the back of the room to the middle and i even have a few favorite routine songs (party rock) and moves (half running man and superman) that allow me to proudly show off that i regularly attend attack classes. badge. of. honor.

most accurate results from googline "attack class photo"

in case you stumbled across this blog googling “addictions” and this is your first post reading i should mention that i don’t have a car here in NZ, but no obstacle is insurmountable when it comes to getting my fix.  when i can’t make an after work class, i’ve gone as far as to wake up at 5 am, throw on clothes, and walk up to 45 minutes away to make a 6:30 am attack class.  if it’s one of mark s’s classes, i might even get up to make a 6:10 am class.

this includes partially-drunk friday mornings. back in new york, i reserved this sort of behavior mostly for dentist appointments (insert joke about “breathing fire” here), which usually shocked my co-workers.  but lying down in a chair early in the morning knowing there is a bagel at the end of the tunnel and getting up to run around like a maniac are two totally different levels.

my place of attack business.

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