the tower of terror

so i've just returned from my trip to thailand (A-MA-ZING), but this post isn't about any of that.  i know i know, i can hear all the "boos" from across the globe, but for the sake of being somewhat chronological about all this, i wanted to do a quick blog post about sky tower.

i've had a few photos on the blog already that featured the sky tower in the background, though i hadn't actually had the full experience of one of the most recognizable tourist attractions here in auckland. might not seem so crazy as most people tend to forget to visit tourist attractions when they actually live near them (i.e. the empire state building for most new yorkers).  when you consider however that i moved across the globe and have been living here for 6 months within a 10 minute walk of this popular monument, you may understand a little more why i felt the need to do a post about it.

it wasn't the best weather as it had been raining all week, but we ascended anyway.  nothing could stop me from self-inducing one of my standard i'm-acutely-afraid-of-heights panic attacks.  setting the fact that i knew i would be anxious the whole time (and the fact that the building totally played on this fear with transparent floors over the city), it was a really great view of the whole city.  the rain brought a rainbow, which at least provided a good photo to show off the experience with but really it's more like check, done that, moving on.

might not be something i would do twice, but you can do a "sky jump" from the tower which is like an assisted bungy jump from the top to the street level. i'm sure you know that you'll know if i decide to do that.

sky tower.

looking down the shaft through the plastic floor in the elevator as we went up. and hyperventilating a little.

rainbow over the city. go ahead, make your "double rainbow" joke.

still wasn't of much comfort to me - i couldn't walk over the glass.

the view from the top.

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