te papa

Te Papa (or “The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa” – which you didn’t really need to know because i sort of doubt many people actually know the formal name), is the national museum of NZ.  the first question most people would ask is “so is it a MOMA-type museum or like a Museum of Natural History-type museum?” well, my friends – it’s both.  please. try and hold your gasps until the end, it gets better.

to be honest, i didn’t spend much in the arts section.  partly because the main feature at the time was a history of wedding dress designs which didn’t seem like a good idea considering my veeeeeeeeeery single status, and partly because it cost money and the rest of the museum was free. did a little pro/con, and the cons won out on this one.

the most interesting part of the museum was actually learning about the history of NZ.  compared to a couple of guys sitting down and signing a paper that said we all had free will (no offense, America), the history of NZ was almost like a work of fiction it was so good.  there was a bit of magic involved in everything and the patriotism behind the stories was obvious in all the detail in the descriptions.  i’m definitely not what you’d consider a history buff either. in fact, it was my least favorite subject in school.  i sort of feel ridiculous that that’s the only way i can really convey how much i don’t like the subject of history, but it’s really all i’ve got at this point in my life.  call me in 10 years when i’m also not reading any bernard cornwell novels.

the treaty of waitangi.

the history of NZ taking their customs entry very seriously.

products i thought came from NZ.

you learn something new everyday.

the other interesting thing i found in the museum was some of the species of animals that i saw (non-living of course) that i had never even heard of.  it’s one thing to have a different slang words between countries, and i understand that there are animals here and in Australia that we don’t necessarily have in the US, but i’ve heard of a kiwi and a kangaroo.  i’ve never heard of a moa or haast’s eagle.  and i’ve never seen a colossal squid, until my trip to the museum of NZ.

a moa being attacked by a haast's eagle.

WHAT are those?! that's what i said out loud anyway.

the colossal squid.

the squid i made on the computer after i patiently waited for the rest of the 8 year olds to finish up.

oh look, the kakapo. a very interesting bird because....

i'm incredibly mature.

"day in the life of a sheep" interactive video. hilarious.

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