cookie time

it was hard to come back from milford sound and not run straight to my safety net of fergburger (wait, have i mentioned fergburger in EVERY queenstown post so far? whoops.)  instead, i chose to spread the love and indulge in another treat i've been wanting to try - cookie time.

it would be insane to think that i haven't had cookie time before as it's a pretty popular NZ cookie company (think pepperidge farm), and in fact i have had cookie time before.  the difference was that the only cookie time i had experienced was of the packaged variety found in a convenience store, not the hot fresh straight from the source kind.  this i had to try.

i walked in thinking i would likely just get a freshly baked cookie, but was immediately distracted by a sign toting "$6 cookie and ice cream sandwiches" (advertising works, people).  i scooped one up, and sat outside to enjoy my treat.  hangover. cured.

outside of the shop.

cookie "muncher" - cookie monster's second cousin?

ice cream cookie sandwich - two freshly baked cookies with cookies and cream ice cream in the middle. YUM!

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