eat fresh

that got your attention didn't it? a large cookie hovering near the word "fresh."  try not to feel too guilty about it. it's exactly the same way i felt the first time i decided to take a deep dive into NZ culture, walked into a subway, and discovered cookie pies.

i once said "if i could bottle the smell of subway and keep it in my room i would." that pretty much has nothing to do with cookie pies or even their regular cookies, but it has a lot to do with my feelings towards subway in general, and i sort of feel like i should preface this post by expressing my undying love for this food chain. i. love. subway. there, i said it.

one of the reasons i love subway (there are many) are the cookies.  they're supposedly baked fresh, though i've never seen or smelled this in action and they're generally found lying on top of each other on plastic shelves near the cashier.  what's even better than subway cookies though, are subway cookie pies - a seemingly exclusive product to NZ, or at least one i haven't been fortunate enough to come across in the US.

simply put, cookie pies are pretty much 2-3 different types of subway cookies that are baked together into one giant softer cookie.  i'm pretty sure this product happened by accident one day, and someone probably got fired before they realized this was a genius invention.  sure enough, the product has stuck around, and for a mere $2.60 NZD, you can turn your whole world around.

i'm taking a liberty in assuming that most people reading this blog have tried subway cookies and can understand how compelling a cookie pie is without too much detail. if you haven't, get out there and get yourself one.  then re-read this post and tell me it's "boring" compared to the ones about sleeping bag bungees and cayoning...

update: photos of real live cookie pies.  yes, that means i went out and got one shortly after writing this post...

beneath the soft lighting of the plastic display case

the soft center of a chocolate chip/double chocolate/m&m cookie pie

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