nek minute

it's not a blog about culture and travel without a post about youtube now is it?  some would say that's depressing, some would go on and on about how social media and self-created user content is shaping our world, and some (myself included) would skip all that and just put it plainly.  youtube trends do not always carry over across continents.  

this might not be too surprising to everyone, but i guess i always sort of imagined that whatever was on the worldwide web really was "worldwide." not to get all philosophical, but then again, how philosophical can a speech about youtube sensation videos be?

i'm constantly finding myself mentioning pieces of pop culture that are so intrinsic to our generation that i always automatically assume everyone can understand the reference, only to receive blank stares or questions.  and believe it or not, it's not just because my jokes are lame - it's because NZ has their own set of pop culture reference points.  some of them do cross over, but the format that i've found the least amount of overlap with is chain youtube videos.

granted when i was at my youtubing prime (college), i'd say my friends and i had a "unique" taste in videos (i.e. mortal peep fight, nintendo 64, and king purple nurple - don't ask if you don't know), but even the semi-mainstream youtube videos don't seem to be as well known here as they are in the US.  

that being said, there is a youtube video that's been making the rounds at the moment:

everyone i know seems to find it hilarious, and it's literally been popping up everywhere.  i mean this is beyond everyone having a facebook status of a different version of "shit ____ say."  there's plenty of paraphernalia, including t shirts sold in non-touristy shops, and it always seems to sneak it's way into a conversation when you least expect it.  last time i was in a meeting at work, one of my clients made a "nek minute" joke.  even a high market grocery store here in auckland has started toting "nek minute" steak cuts.

it's only too bad i don't understand it?

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