all that glitters

as a general rule, it goes without saying that gold always costs more than silver.  being that i'm a "gold girl" (guys: that means i prefer gold jewelry to silver), i've always been aware of this tragic flaw that makes me slightly more high maintenance than "silver girls."  the cost difference between the two metals is sometimes significant, however, it hasn't proven to be a deal breaker in the past.  in NZ, however, it might actually mean that i'm completely undatable.  at least to anyone who isn't a billionaire.

the cost difference between silver and gold here isn't just significant, it's exorbitant beyond anything i ever expected.  case in point: karen walker jewelry.

karen walker is an incredibly popular NZ designer, and definitely considered high end.  that being said, there's no excuse for the price range that runs across her silver and gold jewelry. a silver "heart and arrow" pendant necklace, for example, runs for about $339 NZD.  the gold one? oh that will cost you about $3,449 NZD.

i mean, is the gold made of something different here?  is it actually made of crushed up tiny diamonds? is it blessed by someone important? aged until perfectly ripe? i don't understand.

i'm not going to lie, the prices haven't exactly kept me away from actually considering purchasing a couple pieces of her jewelry.  there's one necklace in particular that i still have on my mind.  too bad the gold version is about $1,200 NZD.  don't worry, i won't hold my breath, but isn't she preeeeeeeeettttyyyyy??

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