big bikkie

ok i know i said i'm being healthy, but we all know that word has a certain margin of error. the margin increases for a few treats i've found here in NZ that are amazing - like the best ice cream bar i've ever had in my life.

NZ is known for their dairy, so it's no surprise that they make a great ice cream.  i've tried a few interesting flavors while i've been here, but i'm a simple girl at heart and always find myself going back to my all time favorite, cookies and cream.

it's not as boring as it seems though.  like i said, the ice cream here is amazingggggg. like beyond anything i've ever tasted in my life.  and this particular brand of ice cream that i like, tip top, have new ice cream bars, including a cookies and cream flavor which i'd like to think they launched with my arrival in mind.

it's a bar of cookies and cream ice cream covered in a chocolate/cookie crunch shell.  sounds pretty basic, but you know that bite of cookies and cream ice cream where you find a huge chunk of cookie and it feels like you've just won the lottery? no? just me? i'll choose to ignore that, because that moment is the sole reason i love cookies and cream ice cream to begin with.

this ice cream bar is like that ev-er-y-time! the number of huge cookie chunks included in this ice cream bar is unreal.  every bite is the best bite you've ever had, and i personally never get over the lottery feeling every time i get a big piece of cookie.

so what i'm saying is, this is all of my dreams coming true in a single ice cream bar.  

step 1: go to the superette and pick up a big bikkie. it's important you get the cookie flavor and ignore the "energy" label in the corner

step 2: unwrap that bad boy

step 3: take a bite and taste the sensation of crispy chocolate, creamy ice cream, and mountains of oreo cookies

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