a drive on the wild side

i drove on the other side of the road.  though it might sound trivial, this is no small feat as i haven't actually driven a car in 4 years and i'm sure my mother is actually having a heart attack at this point. (sorry mom!) never one to admit any potential obstacles, i did actually think it might be a little bit difficult getting back behind the wheel, but it was actually just like riding a bike.  backwards.

not only did i drive on the other side of the road, i drove on the motorway in the rain for a little over 20 minutes.  it wasn't the most spectacular drive as there were no amazing views or rockin tunes on the ride, but it felt kind of like one of those life goals you can check off and i was pretty excited to experience something you really can only experience spending a significant amount of time out of the country.

anyway, i'm not about to sit here and pretend like i was perfect. there were several times i was in more than one lane and one time that i almost side swiped a parked car (a la alicia silverstone in clueless), but i'm sure my mom is glad that at least i'm still alive. i'm just glad i didn't crash my flatmate's car.

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