the reviews are in!

you may have thought that it was possible that i've already covered off on every different food product here in NZ on this blog.  well, you'd be wrong.  though i know i'm probably going into unnecessary levels of detail covering off on the food here (particularly food of the junk/fast variety), i'm working through a little bit of a budgeting phase that doesn't exactly allow for the cost of more adventurous activities that might make the blog more interesting.

this is my real life, people.  and a girl can't be an adventurous canyon scaling, bungy jumping, sleeping bag swinging vagabond everyday.  she's got to have a little down time once in awhile to take it easy and enjoy the finer things in life. like whitakker's chocolate.

whitakker's chocolate is a local brand of NZ chocolate that started in christchurch back in 1896.  it's one of the largest chocolate brands here, and you can find the wide array of flavors at almost any grocery store or superette.  they have many different flavors, and have even launched a few new ones since i have been here.  so, of course i've taken it upon myself to try a wide variety of what whittaker's has to offer.

hazelnut is a goody and probably a pretty generic choice to be enjoyed by many.  nothing too out of the box here.  do you like nutella? yeah, i thought so. this is a solid bar of nutella. with nuts.
i know a few people who will be upset about what i'm going to say next, but this is my least favorite of the whittaker's range so far.  as plainly stated on the package, this is a block of white chocolate with macadamia nuts.  i mean yeah, ok i bought a block and finished the whole thing, but really not much stood out to me about this chocolate. in a word: meh.

peanut butter is one of the new flavors released recently by whittaker's, which seems strange to me as it seems like such an obvious combination.  then again, i'm an american and apparently peanut butter as a staple is a very american thing.  i've been caught making a peanut butter in the kitchen and was automatically accused of being american from 10 feet away by a stranger. anyway, this block was good, but somewhat disappointing.  maybe because i have high standards for peanut butter, and the peanut butter included in this block was more of a honey consistency than the reese's peanut butter cup type peanut butter that i'm used to.  if i had to give it a score, it'd be like a 6/10.

if you're asking "what exactly is hokey pokey," i covered this off in an earlier blog post.  so if you're bandwagon fan and not one of the original readers, float on back to septemberish for an explanation of this delicious NZ treat.  this is one of the newly released flavors for whittakers, though slightly less popular than the peanut butter block according to my overly detailed observations of the grocery store shelf inventory.

this block i actually haven't tried yet, but i decided to include it anyway because it's the last of the flavors i would be curious about tasting.  others include different varieties of nuts, raisins, and varying chocolate colors, but kiwifruit is one ingredient i haven't seen before in a chocolate bar.  i did give a bar of this to my parents for christmas (along with other gifts - i'm not that cheap!), so maybe my mom can weigh in on how it tastes.  or just give me another week and i'll probably end up caving to my curiosity.

and finally, last but certainly not lease, the coconut block - my personal favorite.  i'm a huge fan of coconut in general, but i'm an even bigger fan of samoas, and this is exactly what this bar tastes like.  except more chocolatey. which is amazing.  i'm actually not even allowed to buy this anymore, because if i do i will finish the entire family sized block in a matter of a half hour.  

so there you have it folks, the reviews are in! not that there's anything revolutionary being revealed in this post.  chocolate is great - you all knew that. but whittaker's chocolate? it's a whole other level.  if you find some international website that will ship a block to you for somewhere in the neighborhood of $40, do it.  we can place an order together and i'll split the shipping with you when i return to the US. that's a promise.

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