the viaduct

so i've been writing this blog for almost a year now, but for some reason i still struggle with defining the line between what is actually boring about my life and what just seems mundane because it's something i do/see/eat on a regular basis.  either way, i'm sort of running on a lack of material lately (mostly due to  a lack of budget and a major saving campaign), so i think i'll blur the line a bit.  and i'll pretend that my posts fully dedicated to fast food menus haven't already blurred that line.

the viaduct is a part of town that i probably go to at least once a week, or at a minimum once every other week. simply put, the viaduct is the main harbor in auckland - hosting several different events throughout the year including america's cup defences, regattas, and festivals.  it is also home to several popular pubs and some of the more well-known upscale restaurants in auckland.  it's also really beautiful and only about a 40 minute walk from my flat, which makes it perfect for when i go on long walks around the city to try and avoid spending money on other activities. 

it's a pretty touristy part of town, but for obvious reasons as it's very scenic and was recently renovated to include interesting sculptures and benches (seriously. they look like they're made for giants.  which is kind of interesting, right?).

not much else to really say unless you'd like me to go into detail reviewing the restaurants/bars in the area, but definitely a part of town to add to the to do list if you're ever on this side of the globe.

auckland city from the viaduct.

restaurants and bars by the water.

kiiiiiind of like the one in new york...

boats at the harbor. no, i refuse to spell it with a "u."

a little piece of home.

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