jumeirah me crazy!

if you haven’t been to dubai, take a quick look at google maps of the city.  a quick search for “jumeirah beach” will tell you that this beach stretches for quite a long distance, and there are also several different places in dubai that begin with the word “jumeirah.” so when i saw that my hotel offered free daily shuttles to “jumeirah beach,” I made the excitable assumption that the shuttle would be taking me to “jumeirah palm,” which i had decided was going to be my priority for this layover.

obviously, it was way to difficult to actually ask the concierge where the shuttle would drop us off, so i was extremely surprised when we arrived at a bus stop that felt like it was in the middle of no where.  because it was.

we were not headed to jumeirah palm as i had expected, but an actual beach that was part of  the long “jumeirah beach.” adding insult to injury, the beach was pretty much the only thing in the area, and i had my “respectful” attire on.  no swimsuit. and it was like a million degrees.

i decided to be positive about the situation and remembered that when i googled the area, the beach didn’t seem to be too far away from the palm, hence the similar names.  so i started walking towards the direction of the palm, thinking i could make the best of the situation and turn this mishap around.

i walked for about 2 hours on the beach and when i found an air-conditioned bathroom to stop and have a break in, i paused to check my location on my iphone (did you know it will still find your location even if you’re in another country? “no service” my ass…).  i had made it about 25% of the way there, which made the decision to turn around pretty easy.  so let’s just call it what it was – a nice long walk on the beach.

good, i spelled it correctly in the post...

 ok so it was a pretty beautiful beach...

involving these strangers in my photography whims. don't tell them if you know them.

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