ann frank huis

i've been wanting to go to amsterdam literally for about 16 years, but not for the reasons you might think. the 16 year thing might tip you off, as i'm pretty sure most 10 year olds don't understand the value of relaxed drug laws.

ever since i read the diary of ann frank (remember the part about how much i love depressing history?), i have been dying to go to amsterdam to visit the secret annex, also known as ann frank huis.

the front of the museum.

the bell tower that ann describes hearing in her diary.

unfortunately, the museum does not allow you to take photos inside, but it's probably better this way as anything i posted would cheapen the experience. the house was amazing to see, and there were quotes with references to specific rooms from the diary on the walls. also in most rooms there were videos of interviews with friends of the family, the employees that helped hide the frank family, and even an interview with otto frank regarding his discovery of his daughters diary.

definitely a worthwhile experience if you're ever in town. and yes, as you will read/hear, there is a long line to wait in to get in the museum, but they also offer free wifi while you wait so it's not so bad. as if you couldn't waste an hour on facebook...

two booked hostels and three facebook messages later - finally at the front of the line.

the only bit of the museum that i wasn't sure how i felt was the video at he very end which i personally would consider slightly controversial. in a nutshell, the video was discussing the state if current events and comparing potential prejudice against the muslim community to the holocaust. to be fair, it wasn't out right saying that it's the same thing happening here as it was during the holocaust, but the slight implication was enough to make me feel a little strange. to each their own, but i guess i'm just not personally a fan of political views being expressed like that at a museum with a large amount of traffic.

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