cannes you dig it?

our next stop after monaco was to cannes, which for being in the same country was surprisingly further away.  since we were coming from monaco, the trip was about 45 minutes on the train and about 8 euro one way. unfortunately, there were no ticket windows with actual people to purchase tickets from, and none of us had change enough to purchase said 8 euro ticket. fortunately, we decided to press our luck and play "dumb tourist" on the train, purchasing tickets from the ticket checker.  no such person existed on our train, so i'll consider this france's thank you for my participation in fueling their pastry economy during my stay. you're welcome, france.

i knew that cannes and nice were sort of close, but i was surprised by the ease with which we got from place to place this day.  this visit we had just missed the infamous film festival, however, i can remember regretting not planning cannes into my trip 5 years ago as the festival was on at that time. had i known it was so easy...

to be honest, all that's running through my head is rihanna song lyrics.

cannes without the film festival, was pretty much exactly like nice in my mind. nice beaches, nice shops, great little cafes on the beach to eat - a great city to relax in.  while it was beautiful, after seeing monaco nothing could compare, so i actually ended up not ticking any major to do's off my list.

FRENCH bulldogs in FRANCE!

we walked around, shopped, took a few photos, and stopped in a pastry shop. it feels pretentious to say this, but it was sort of underwhelming.  i'm sure it's much different during the actual film festival when the streets are littered with stars and the town likely livens up.  cannes without the festival, however, is nice (both the mildly complimentary adjective and the place).

purely trying to rack up a few more photos to prove i actually was in cannes.

beauuuuutiful pasteries.

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