oui, oui! je suis à paris!

this is a story about a girl who went to france and basically ate her way through an entire country. luckily for her tight wallet, this eating mostly consisted of baguettes, which run about 0.50-1€ a pop. this however was obviously most unfortunate for her waistline. as she did not plan "going up a size" into her travel budget, she was eventually forced to leave the country. this paragraph is only about 86% true, but i'll leave it for you to discern the facts.

the next stop on my journey was to paris. i've been to paris once before about five or so years ago, but this time the circumstances were much different. last time i visited i was young, stupid, and with a boy. well, i guess i'm still sort of young and definitely still a little stupid, so the biggest difference as it seems is this time i went without a boy.

before you start awwwwing and preparing yourself for some sob story about how i wish i was in love, actually paris on your own as a single female isn't so terrible. that's an understatement. it's the best. i won't get into too many personal details, this blog is meant to be more about the journey than the actual traveller, but paris lived up to most of your standard romcom stereotypes and is a great city for single american women.

i met an american guy while i was in paris who was a self proclaimed "francophile." it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit so i won't say the same about myself, but i do love france. the buildings, the parks, the food, the people, the language, the food, the culture, the food. the food. i find myself enjoying every minute of it, particularly in paris.

notre dame.

un cafe.

the louvre.

champs elysee/arc de triomphe combo shot.

musee d'orsay.

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