a walk with jack the ripper

like most 20 somethings, very rarely do i take advice from my parents. given that i had only been in london previously for about 48 hours and my parents have been several times, i decided that i would make an exception in the case of things to do in london. just this once! (don't get any ideas, mom...)

my step dad had recommended a tour company called london walks, who host about 30+ different walking tours featuring different themes throughout the city. walking tours are one of my favorite things to do in a new city. i'm one of those crazy people who would prefer to walk for 45 minutes than take the tube for fear of "missing something," so london walks was right up my alley.

at a price of 9£ per tour (7£ if you're like me and still riding the coat tails of your student ID), it was easy to squeeze in a few of the tours they offered over the time that i was in town. the first tour that jumped out at me and one of the more interesting ones i took, however, was the jack the ripper tour.

ok so now you get that this blog post is slightly deceiving and i didn't actually teleport back in time for a one on one interview with the real jack the ripper. c'mon, i've got to do SOMETHING to draw in you readers! besides i'm pretty sure jack the ripper's first posthumous interview is reserved for the likes of barbara walters.

so i'm sort of a sucker for mysteries, and since no one actually knows who jack the ripper was to this day, this was an obvious choice for me. i'm always getting sucked into things like cold case and i even read a novel about the case details of the lindburgh baby kidnapping. it's like maybe i think i can solve the case if i pay enough attention. what really grabbed my attention about this tour, however, was the description of our tour guide. donald was described as being "internationally recognized as the leading authority on jack the ripper" and wrote a "best selling" book on the topic.

sure, lots of tours over exaggerate the accreditation of their guides, but this guy definitely lived up to every word of praise. NBC even showed up to film the tour i was on. so, if you're watching the office and any specials are coming up next about london walking tours, stay tuned!

the tour was amazing and i was captivated the whole time. it took everything out of me not to bust out a notebook harriet the spy style and demand further details. the only mistake i made was going on a walking tour about murder that ended at 9:30pm by myself. completely forgot about that whole walk-back-through-where-jack-killed-people-in-the-dark-by-myself bit, which actually turned into more of a sprint for the nearest train station.

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