cala millor

after barcelona and a few nights of staying up until dawn (mostly due to poor planning and forgetting that the metro stops running at midnight), we were more than ready for some rest and relaxation. as luck would have it, we had planned on spending the last 4 days of our spanish escapades doing exactly that on the beaches of mallorca.

by day....

and by (almost) night....

just for one last hurrah, however, we booked an overnight ferry that departed barcelona at 11pm and arrived on the island at about 5am. one more sleepless night seemed trivial when we knew that we had a private double room and nothing to do but lay on the beach. plus we thought that given they had a similar ferry system running to ibiza, it was going to be worth it to stay awake for the experience the ferry offered.

as it turns out, it was a bit of a different experience than we expected. there were only a few seating rooms on the ship, which were mostly dominated by large screen showings of the disney channel in spanish and a majority of the ship fell into either the over 45 or under 12 crowd. so, slightly disappointing, but we gathered what little sleep we were able to get amongst a symphony of snoring, and prepared ourselves for our goal of getting as brown as humanly possible.

we had booked a room in cala millor at a great little place that boasted private double rooms, private bathrooms, a fridge in our room, a fan (this we found is a "luxury" in spain), and our very own balcony. visions of waking up with a cup of tea and a magazine on our private balcony immediately began swimming through my head. but first, we had to get there.

given that mallorca is an island, instead of looking anything up we made the natural assumption that it would be tiny and we'd basically be walking everywhere barefoot in bikinis. i had been once before on a trip with my mother, but it was about 9 years ago and all i could muster from memory was "pearls." priorities, people. we also had simple directions provided by our hostel to "get to the main bus station and get on any bus going to cala millor," which only further emphasized that it must be easy to get around the island. oh how wrong we were.

mallorca is actually a lot like phuket, everyone assumes it's small due to its referral as an "island," but in fact it's quite large. it isn't as easy as you would think to get from one side to the other (no barefoot walking option unless you plan to take days), which is exactly what we needed to do. with some difficulty, we found both a human who spoke english and the main bus station, and got on a 2 hour bus ride to cala millor. yes, 2 hours...

all was forgiven once we arrived. our hostel had everything that was promised us, and was right in the middle of a long stretch of beautiful beach with little tables and straw umbrellas. it was beautiful and relaxing, but also really fun. the nightlife was interesting, particularly since most of the tourists around us were all from germany (random?), and we made sure to tick off a few holiday drink musts: colorful drinks with some sort of fruit/umbrella/feather in it and of course, a couple of coronitas.


annnnnd check.

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