london town (do people actually say that?)

this is actually the first time, with the exception of my NZ posts of course, that i am writing about a location while still being in that location. that's right ladies and gentleman, i'm writing this post during a seated break during my second trip to the V&A museum. thought i'd do a quick post before i head to chinatown to indulge in my second time eating at wong kei. ok, i'm into seconds. i'm so into seconds, in fact that while i originally planned to be in london for only 2 weeks, i fell so in love with it that i've stayed for 4.

4 weeks in one location during this trip is a big deal for me. for all you math nerds out there, that makes it a little under 20% of my currently planned total travel time. i couldn't help it though. i fell in love (with the city).

this was completely unplanned of course. i wanted to make a stop on london for the olympics just to check it out, and since my friend who i was in spain with now lives in london, i had asked whether i might be able to stay with her for a couple of weeks until i sorted out my next destination.

note: if you don't like cheese, skip this paragraph. thought i'd just forewarn you, since being single means that's you end up romanticizing other parts in your life like where you work, what you eat (we've seen that theme enough), and where you might live. i can remember visiting new york before i moved there and feeling this excited sort of desperation to pick up my life and just get there already. granted some of this might be blamed on a slight case of senioritis in college, but it made me so deliriously happy to think up all the details of how i pictured my new life in new york. i'm not kidding myself and i know it hasn't been that long, but i haven't felt that way about another city i've been to since i arrived in london.

i've given this speech a few times via what's app, skype, postcards, and even in person, so forgive me if you've already heard this monologue, but my impression of london is that it is everything i loved about new york and nothing i hated about new york. ts a beautiful city to walk around in, you don't need a car, the public transport is very easy to handle, and there is always something fun as interesting to do. in the grocery stores, they have all my favorite products from home as well as from europe and even NZ. the people are also amazingly nice and polite. men here abide by the rule of "ladies first," apologize if they bump into you, help you with bags, and basically make you feel like you're either a supermodel or have been time warped back to the 1950s. trust me, i'm not looking particularly good after living out of a backpack for the past two months, so this is not any sort f special attention.

so anyone that knows anyone who lives in london or any potential employment opportunities coming up, please feel free to pass them along. and i mean ANY opportunities. i'm so hopelessly in love, i'd even consider janitorial work if it meant my moving here.

piccadilly circus.

buckingham palace.
westminster abbey.

tower of london.


the bridge.

the globe theater.

the big guy.

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