masterpiece thee-ay-tore

one of the things i actually missed about new york, was the ability to see amazing live musicals and plays. this is of course a completely ridiculous thing to miss, since it actually wasn't something i did all that often (usually only with out of town guests) and most of the time i think i complained about going (it's so expensive, the line at tkts, etc). when i arrived in london and friends who lived there were asking what was on my list of things i wanted to do, however, nostalgia crept in and i was reminded of the pleasantries accompanying a night at the theatre.

my friend who i was staying with was out of town for my second week in london, leaving me up to my own devices to entertain myself. this meant i highjacked her friendship with another kiwi living in london, sarah, and forced her to do touristy things with me. ok, maybe it wasn't that forced. she actually had the idea of going to a show and when i clasped my hands together and "yay'd" at her suggestion, the deal was sealed.

we decided to look into getting tickets to matilda (based off the roald dahl book), which was really her looking into tickets and me awaiting the information. it was one of my first times playing tourist, so i was allowed to enjoy a little irresponsibility right? as it turns out, matilda was quite popular, expensive, and sold out until september, so we decided to go see a play called mousetrap based on a recommendation from her co-worker.

mousetrap is a play that has been running in for the past 60 years, and is a sort of old timey, who-done-it type of murder mystery. it was adorable and good fun, but of course i have to keep the promise the murderer requested at the end of the show and keep the secret of what happens "forever locked in my heart." (see, how CUTE!)

not only was sarah kind enough to organize tickets to a show, she also organized dinner for us at a well known spot in chinatown called wong kei's. i'm a huge fan of ethnic food and an even larger fan of the cheap/authentic variety, so i was so excited to go. of course being authentic also meant it was very quick - get in, get out. immediately when you sit, the waiter or waitress hands you a menu and at the same time asks what you'd like to eat. this was clearly a very stressful situation which i needed to eat 4 spring rolls to calm myself down...oh, wong kei's was amazing. thank you, sarah!

wong kei's was so good in fact, that i secretly returned on my own one sunday for a quiet little dinner for one. mostly because this dinner turned into a small feast, and no one should have to see one girl consume that much food in one sitting. at least if it were the nathan's hot dog eating contest, you'd know what you were in for...

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