the meating place

so i mentioned that the highlights of cardiff in my opinion were a quick view of the waterfront and the restaurants. since it's slightly more interesting to talk about food, i'll spare you my "the lovely rolling planes along the lake" talk. for now.

our first night out, my friend laura found a cute little cuban place and invited the lawyer she was working with on the case, tom, to join us. it was sort of like a first date in a "we'll see how cool you are to hang out with tonight, but no guarantees about tomorrow" kind of way. as it turned out, we ended up having fun with tom and agreed to a "second date" the following night. the only stipulation laura provided was that he had to pick the place we went for dinner and it had to be better than her choice. we're not demanding at all.

much to our surprise (and delight) tom succeeded and brought us to a restaurant called the meating place. the meating place is every vegetarian's nightmare, as their specialty is meat kabobs accompanied with pita bread, cous cous, roasted vegetables and your choose of sauce. this isn't just any kabob. the dramatics involved with serving the kabob are why i chose the word "nightmare."

the meating place.

each individual table is affixed with a sort of gothic looking chandelier that hangs from the rafters. the only thing missing from these chandeliers, however, is any form of decorative hangings. this is where the meat comes in. after you order your chicken, beef, or mixed meat kabob, your server returns with a 3 foot log metal skewer that holds the cooked meat, and hangs the skewer from the chandelier in front of you.

exciting meat skewers!

and my much less exciting kebab and quinoa.

it may not sound very exciting, but we were psyched. plus it inspired lots of interesting "what if" conversation like "what if my kabob swings into your kabob, is that considered rude" and "what if i don't know my own strength, pull too hard, and rip down the roof of the restaurant."

great news - the roof was still intact when we left, and no one was harmed during the course of our dinner.

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