by now you know that i have been spending a lot of meal times in grocery stores and dairies. or with my face buried in a roll of digestives. since i'm traveling on a budget with no immediate plans for additional funding (unless of course anyone would like to donate to the cause), this has been a really cost effective way of preventing starvation and a great way to try a lot of the local foods. that makes it sound like i'm delving into local markets in the tropics, which isn't exactly the same but kind of is at the same time if you think about it.

when one of my close friends from college got engaged (yay!) and told me she was scheduled to be in london during my last few nights in town (YAY!), it was time to take a break from coupon cutting and head out for a night on the town. another friend who used to live in london recently and who is a supreme foodie gave us a few recommendations, so we combed through the list and decided to go out to dinner at a place called elliot's cafe near london bridge.

elliot's was located near one of the larger markets in london called borough market. the whole idea is that elliot's takes whatever is available and fresh at the market, and creates a menu based on what is available. i'm not sure how often the menu changes. it probably changes seasonally, but it would be SO cool if it changed daily. so let's pretend a little guy named elliot combs the market daily for the best of the best and prepares the menu shortly after gathering ingredients. this theory also makes for a good reason to have a photo i took of the menu included in this post, so we're going with it.

i don't mean to sound like i'm auditioning as a writer for michelin guides, but this place was a total five-starrer. we put ourselves (or at least our stomachs) in the hands of the waitress and allowed her to pick out pretty much our entire meal from wine to dessert (yes, DESSERT!!). everything was incredible and fresh and delicious.

thanks SO much, libby, for the amazing recommendation! and of course thanks to lauren for the good company!

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