sorry - kind of...

i knew from the beginning of my trip that there was a strong possibility i would go silent on the blog for a significant period of time. especially after i booked in for a four week yoga teacher's training course at an ashram in a small town in the himalayas (read: no internet). there was this optimistic part of me that thought i could write all my blog entries about dublin, edinburgh, and switzerland and have them all scheduled to post while i was locked away becoming a serious yogi, but when the internet was also a little patchy where i was staying in the swiss mountains, i simply gave up.

so i thought i would write a quick entry to say sorry, but only kind of. i've gotten a lot of notes asking for updates and i honestly had no idea anyone besides my mom really still kept up with this blog, but i really appreciate hearing how much you care about what i'm doing and how i'm doing. i'm sorry i am not doing a good job holding up my end of the bargain updating you on this platform i created solely for that purpose, but i promise it will come. maybe in two weeks since i am now heading off to live in another remote place with no internet for a volunteering project.

but for a quick update, the reason i'm only "kind of" sorry is separating myself from reporting everything i have been doing has given me a lot more time to DO things. amazing things - things i never thought i would be so lucky to be able to do. places i never knew i would see. and of course some of the best people i have ever met in my life (not that you guys aren't awesome too of course..). ok, i don't mean to turn this into a sermon and i promise i'm not crying while i'm writing this or anything, but to those of you who asked i just thought i'd answer your question: yes, i'm doing well. in fact, i've never been better.

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  1. I was just thinking about you since I found you on Instagram, and how my blog reader has been sufficiently lacking in Amanda funny-isms. Glad you are better than ever, and hope to catch up soon!