wingardium leviosa

maybe i mentioned it and maybe i didn't (yes, i'm actually too lazy to look back 5 blog posts to check), but one of the many interesting facts i learned on my walking tour of edinburgh included that one of my favorite novel series was written. here comes the embarrassing part where i admit what series it is to those of you who didn't understand the title of this post: harry potter.

part of our tour was through one of the many famous graveyards of edinburgh - greyfriars.  of course greyfriars is well-known for many different reasons including a dog ghost and a violent poltergeist, but most important to this basically-still-a-tween girl were the names of several people buried in the graveyard.  sure, jk is a pretty creative lady i'm sure, but when it comes to character names many of these were actually borrowed from people who are buried in greyfriars.  pretty thrilling to see the grave of tom riddle, though i did feel kind of badly that the person buried there has no idea what their name represents to harry potter fans.

there was also a school just on the other side of the graveyard that was supposedly jk's inspiration for her description of hogwarts. c'mon ms. rowling, can't you come up with ANYTHING on your own?!

after my walking tour, i had to go visit the cafe where jk spent many afternoons writing what would eventually absorb several hours (sometimes days) of my early college life. hey, i was still technically a "young adult" at the time... 

the elephant house was a cute little cafe that looked like something out of the west village.  feeling inspired (and almost like a writer myself - i mean this is a blog after all...), i walked in planning to grab a seat and a latte.  one quick look at the obscene prices and that plan dissolved, but i still took a look around and had a moment to think "being here right now is cool."

and this is the end of the nerdiest blog post of all time.

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