adventures in diy

so i moved into my new flat and got most things settled.  bed made, clothes hung up in the closet, but there was one tiny detail missing that i somehow didn't remember i needed. a dresser.

basically, my room looked pretty similar to the way i kept it when i was thirteen (minus the leonardo dicaprio posters) - a tornado of clothes all over the floor.  something had to be done.

i chatted with a couple people about my "problem" and was directed once again to trade me to find a set of drawers. the only problem when i began searching, however, was that drawers were either exceedingly expensive, or "assembly required," neither of which i was well equipped to deal with.  it's not like i was a regular ikea goer before i came here and pretty sure most of the furniture i've ever purchase is either pre-assembled or assembled on delivery (by someone else), but i was ready to take on the challenge of fitting in with the NZ DIY culture.

it was only when i opened my package and found the only directions i had to build my drawers, that i knew i was in big trouble.

i'm hoping these aren't strikingly clear directions to anyone reading this on how to build drawers..

anyway, somehow i managed to turn that into a dresser that holds my clothes and has been standing for about 3 whole days (and counting....), but i'm curious to see what other non-cultural barriers are headed my way.

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