it's not really news that i had an interesting time finding a flat/normal flatmates when i got here.  i flew over here with a hotel room booked (thanks for our discount, ash!) and immediately set out to hunt down some normal flatties on a website called trade me (NZ's version of craiglist, but less creepy).  after many meetings/interviews with people who have 218798124 cats, people with hobbies that include taxidermy, and one woman touching my face uninvited during our first (and ONLY) meeting, i ended up in an apartment with two guys.  one was a bar manager and the other a student who worked at the movies.  totally normal right?  wrong.  i won't go into too much detail but the permanent stench of mildew and fruit from the dinosaur ages in the fridge were involved.  

anyway, it's all been sorted though because i went back to the drawing board and contacted more people looking for flatmates while i moved in with these moldy fruit hoarders guys.  immediately, i found two other girls on trade me that were looking for a flatmate and decided to give it a go.

speaking of my prepaid phone and the obstacles it presents, i almost didn't end up here because apparently my phone's memory has the capacity to hold only 30 texts.  i sent a text to my potential new flatmates confirming my interest in the place and apparently they sent me numerous texts back confirming they would like me to move in, but since my phone was "full" i didn't get them.  thank goodness for that final $3.17 i had in minutes...

anyway, it all worked out and just in time for us to have a toga housewarming party:
myself, juliet, and laura. we can't help how photogenic we are.

ok, i promise people actually came and it wasn't just us by ourselves in togas.  our next theme, however,  is going to be don't drink more wine than all of your guests...combined.

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