so there are about 5 people reading this blog, and i'm pretty sure all of you know that i moved here and am working on the mcdonald's account, but just figured i'd mention it in case some creep scouring the internet accidentally stumbled upon this blog and found it interesting.  

anyway, that being said, we typically run different campaigns to launch new products/promote new offerings throughout the year.  being that i'm not the most familiar with new zealand culture, it's only appropriate that the first quarter i work on is all about kiwi culture and we're re-launching an old favorite here known as the kiwiburger:

the burger is a beef patty, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, tomato sauce (ketchup), mustard....and then a fried egg and beetroot.  if you're one of my american friends reading this, i'm positive a couple of you just said "ew" out loud, but in doing my job i felt like i had to try it...

and it was GOOD! don't judge me until you've had beetroot on a burger, seriously....


  1. I had beetroot on a slider at 'The Australian' (how appropriate) here and it was SO good!!

    What are the golden arches like over there anyway?

    And I totally owe you an e-mail reply!

  2. Your cousin Ben pointed out that a restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale named Slackers (his local sports bar/drunkatorium) has had a burger with egg and beet on their menu for a couple of years. Apparently someone from NZ was working on one of the yachts in Ft Lauderdale and made a suggestion to Slackers.