nz hangover food

it seems that this is turning into a bit of a low-brow food blog....oh well.

apparently, the choice for a hangover cure in NZ isn't a battle between pizza versus chinese food like it is in the States, but actually....


i've tried both this past week. don't judge.  

beanz (yep, wattie's spells it with a z on their cans which made me like it even more...) were basically what you would expect.  in fact, i'm pretty sure i've accidentally had this meal before when my bbq beans spill over on to my texas toast, but this may be something new for any new yorkers who are reading this who haven't experienced a good ol' plate of southern bbq.

spaghetti was great - basically spaghettios on toast which is this girl's dream come true.  double the carbs, double the fun.  unfortunately, the feeling was not mutual for my stomach, who refused to forgive me for 3 days after this meal. 

think i may stick to being a "beanz girl" for now.

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  1. I love bean(z) on toast. Try it with eggs over easy. Trust me.