zack morris calling.

being a typical 25 year old, the first thing i did when i landed in auckland was find an internet cafe so i could find a place where i could get a cell phone.  with about 3 hours of sleep behind me and on a completely different time zone, i found a paper map (yes, people still make those...) and stumbled over to queen street.  i had been advised by numerous random NZ connections, people on my plane, airport employees, and taxi cab drivers that i should find a 2 degrees shop as they had the best and most affordable cell phone plans, but my dire need to immediately have a cell phone to apparently stare at (since i didn't have any phone numbers) overcame me and i headed into vodaphone.

unfortunately for me, your cell phone contract length needs to be compliant with your current visa length.  this left me with few options, none of which were iphones or blackberrys or really anything with a screen more than 2 square inches large.  so i know i'm not the best at keeping in touch, but i mean did new zealand really have to give me such an obstacle? this is what i'm working with for the next year:

(caution: objects may appear more modern than they are)

so until then, if you need to find me you'll either have to text my insanely long phone number or take your chances on whether or not i've put more than $5 on my prepaid phone plan.  guess i'll see who my real friends are - the ones who will skype with me at 4 am their time.

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  1. I just died a little inside. I haven't used skype in years but I will re-download! Whats your skype name?