based on popular demand (2/6 people who read this), i've decided to do a quick post with a few pictures of my flat here in auckland. to make it interesting and to make me feel like less of a db for doing this, i'm putting on my mtv cribs voice...

this is the living room, where me and my homies kick it on the weekend. you know play some video games, drink some red bull, shine our diamonds. that sort of thing.

let's head to the kitchen.  clearly we didn't have time to clean up from last nights AMAZING party (aka making dinner/watching tv - just trying to stay in character here, people!).  i'd open the fridge to let you see what's inside, but it's pretty much a mess - perfectly lined up bottles of gatorade and bottles of crystal.

so let's go upstairs! (picturing this as one of those fast paced/frozen screen shot bits when they move from room to room....)

here we have the bathrooms.  yes, plural. not sure how interested you are, so i won't bore you with details, but just felt like they needed to be included - particularly since my last place had a bathroom that was built for people aged 7 and under. UPGRADE!

and this? well, this is where the magic happens. (side note: it took some serious photographic genius to take this photo avoiding most of the piles of clothes that are scattered on the floor of my room. maybe i'm fishing for compliments, but it needed to be said.)

aight, y'all seen my crib, y'all seen my whips, now get the hell on outta here! (why is the theme from "pimp my ride" playing in my head? surely they didn't play that at the end of cribs too?)

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