that's what it's all about

fortunately for me/unfortunately for my waistline, i've recently discovered hokey pokey. and no, i'm not talking about the dance. i'm talking about a new zealand delicacy.  wikipedia tells you that "hokey pokey" is "solid lumps of sponge toffee" frequently found in ice cream in australia and new zealand, but don't let them fool you. 

first of all, hokey pokey is not what i would call toffee - it's more like honeycomb.  toffee to me is either a sticky or hard substance that tastes most like caramel.  hokey pokey, however, tastes more like the inside of a cadbury crunchie bar, whose package notes that the ingredients include honeycomb and not toffee.

secondly, hokey pokey does come in ice cream, but does not always come in ice cream.  there are many treats here that include hokey pokey as an ingredient: ice cream, drinks, candy bars, biscuits. the list goes on.  

in fact, one of my favorite treats including the legendary hokey pokey goodness are a biscuit known as squiggles. and not just because they sound like one of my nicknames....

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