st. heliers

this weekend the weather was perfect corona, chips, and guacamole weather.  you know exactly what kind of weather i'm talking about.  sunny, but with a cool enough breeze that you still need to have a light sweater on.

the bars near the water in town were all charging a cover to get in since there are so many people here for the rugby world cup, so my flatmates and i decided to take a quick drive over to st. heliers to satisfy said beer and chips craving.

they didn't have guacamole, which laura and i complained about on and off for about an hour, but the view was amazing.

the beach at st. heliers

and the beers were large enough to get us into a conversation about pandas, which obviously led to pretending to be pandas.

despite what you may think, laura is not just flexing her biceps.  she's being a panda - much more normal.

juliet and i with great panda form

all in all. a great way to spend our saturday.

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