the most wonderful time of the year...

well, it looks like it's that time of year again - the holiday season.  can't believe it's been almost half a year since i've been here. hm, ok enough musing over my life - on to the good stuff...

this past week was the first (of many according to my schedule for the next couple weeks) media owner holiday party.  i was also told it would be the best of the lot, and it was pretty great.  the party was a jungle theme and was held at a nice hotel in town. free booze, free food, and a photo booth for everyone who works at mediaworks (a television network here) and ad agencies who was interested in dressing up like a cat/rambo/enlarged hard copy of the jungle book.  yep, someone really dressed up like that and man was i jealous.

elephant ice sculpture to keep the rtds cold

perhaps it would have been best to pic the dance floor as a background. so we don't look like we're at a party alone. with the exception of a wolfman?

this was the last photo on my camera from the night. maybe this was one of a series of photos...

of course i started the night out drinking champagne, and ended insisting that i want to act like a "bogen" (that's kiwi for redneck and one of my new favorite words) and drink a "bogen" drink (never missing an opportunity to say it again..). the drink of choice was woodstock, which is a bourbon and cola drink.  

something pretty popular here in NZ that doesn't seem as prevalent back home are rtds.  i hope it stands for "ready to drink" in a trying-to-be-fashionable kind of way, but if not that's basically what they are. a mixed cocktail drink that is pre-bottled and comes in a pack. they vary in simplicity from a vodka tonic to sex on the beach, and can be purchased pretty much an any liquor store.  

not exactly the same as having a cocktail made fresh from behind the bar, but it's certainly good enough for me.

proudly displaying my rtd

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  1. I love it! And I love what NZ is doing to your hair!! Miss you lady, and don't worry - America and all of its gluttony will be here waiting for you!! xo