a very kiwi thanksgiving

while this is a really amazing experience and i'm very thankful for the opportunity i've been given to live and work in another country, admittedly i do get homesick every once in awhile.  it was particularly bad this week when i had to spend my favorite american holiday away from my family, and even worse working.  i mean i know i'm complaining a little right now, but believe me you don't know how bad the moping was this week.

luckily, an american friend i've met here called and invited me over to her place where she was throwing a thanksgiving potluck dinner.  most of the attendees were kiwi and there wasn't any football or a parade to watch on tv, but i wasn't going to let an opportunity to have a semi-proper thanksgiving.

i wanted to stop by the american store to pick up my favorite stuffing - stovetop - but unfortunately, they were sold out of the mix.  i was forced to resort to googling "homemade stuffing that tastes like stovetop" and braving making a recipe myself.  granted i had an audience that wasn't quite sure what stuffing was or how it fit in with the rest of the meal since it wasn't "stuffed" in anything, but i got a couple of compliments so i'm going to take them and run with them.

it was pretty hard being away from my family for this one, but i'm glad i had people to celebrate with and hope all my friends back home had a great holiday as well! borderline cheesy i know, but it's the holidays people! give me a break...

look mom, stuffing from scratch that tastes like stovetop! proud?

happy thanksgiving!

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