red shoe ball

this week was another busy one in the advertising world.  given that the holidays are coming up, it seems that my schedule has been filling up with holiday lunches and parties galore.  believe me i'm not complaining.  even better is the fact that it's starting to warm up here, so when i had to attend a black tie event this week, i was extremely excited not to have to base my dress choice on weather.

the red shoe ball is an annual event that mcdonald's hosts in support of the ronald mcdonald house charity.  if you've been to a black tie charity auction before, it's really much of a muchness in comparison. there's a dinner, silent and live auction, too much wine, and awkward dancing to a list of top 100 pop songs that were popular 5 years ago.  the only difference really was that there was a clown on the guest list.  wish i had a photo to share of myself and ronald slow dancing, but as it was a charity function they were charging for these photos and it's a bit of an effort to scan in a hard copy of a photo, so i just have a picture of some of my team all dressed up in our finest.

and while i've tried to make an effort to have this blog be less about me and more about things i'm doing/places i'm going to, i can't help but brag about the item in the silent auction that i won.  i have a trip planned later this year to go to thailand to meet up with my friend alex and travel around and luckily enough there were a few hotel packages available in the silent auction at the event.  even after a dark and stormy and probably too many glasses of champagne, i managed to put my strategy hat on and decided i could probably manage to get a deal here, given that it was unlikely there were many others in the crowd that already had trips planned to thailand.  anyway, i went into it ebay style (don't bid until the last minute) and i won accommodation for 2 nights in bangkok and 2 nights in phuket for what my friend and i will likely be paying for a backpackers anyway.

that's the end of the story right there, but like i said it was too big of win in my mind to not brag a little bit.

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