shaker fries

alright, so i do have a thing or two to say about food while i was in sydney.  true to form, however, i have more to say about fast food/chain restaurants than i have to say about the amazing wiener schnitzel i had for dinner on saturday night.  i'll make the excuse that working on the business made me curious, but i had to check out mcdonald's as i knew from a few conference calls there were products that are available exclusively in australia that i felt compelled to try.  

one of those were mcwings, which i had heard good reviews on (apparently they have had these in new zealand previously).  in my opinion, they were mcdisgusting.  they are basically little breaded buffalo wings, which sounds fine and normal i'm sure.  the gross part for me was even though these were shaped like normal buffalo wings, i had a mini internal conflict wondering whether or not this product contained a bone, or subscribed to the same theory as the mcrib where it was only necessary to look like the product has bones.  conclusion: mcwings have bones and are nothing special.

the other thing i tried was shaker fries.  i'm not really sure why these are exclusive to australia actually.  they are delicious and simple and make mcdonald's fries taste more like fries you might get in a restaurant. they were also pretty uncomplicated - no internalized conflicts to report.  in fact, i'll give you a little step by step on the process.

step one: order any size fries and ask for a "shaker" - this will cost you 20 australian cents

step two: dump your fries in the brown bag you are given and allocate as much of the shaker packet as you would like.  i ordered a small and used the whole packet, which was a bit strong for my taste, but to each their own.

step three: shake the bag to distribute the seasoning (hence "shaker fries") and enjoy! 

step four: convince mcdonald's to make these a global product, as it will be difficult moving forward to enjoy regular french fries.

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