bondi to bronte

before heading off on my first trip to australia completely blind, i emailed my friend alice to gather a few recommendations.  topping her list (that i was extremely appreciative to receive - pretty much made my trip!) was taking the walk from south bondi to bronte.  

surely most of the people reading this have heard of bondi beach, as it's a pretty famous beach just east of the sydney cbd.  not only did i consider it a landmark that i needed to see while in sydney, since i had pretty much been awake since 3 am that morning with little to no sleep, i thought it might be a good opportunity to take a little nap and still a florida girl at heart, maybe even get insanely tan.

after my nap, i decided to take the big walk over the cliffs to bronte.  luckily i had good timing in my trip, and not only was the walk along the cliffs beautiful, but there was an art exhibit that was going on along the way.  it was an amazing way to end the afternoon after exploring the city, and i only left when my face began to resemble a prosacea "before" photo...

bondi beach.

little history lesson in case you're interested/have fantastic eye sight

cliffs on the walk from bondi to bronte

 zebras to start the artwork walk

i'll admit it, i don't know what these are or what they're supposed to mean - i just thought it looked cool

 elephant made of plates with different cities in australia and "new zealand" on them

more cliffs - almost to bronte beach

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