in an attempt to gather material unrelated to fast food for the blog, i took a trip to sydney, australia.  ok, it wasn't all for the blog. i've never been to australia before and there was a special deal on air new zealand for $300 round trips to sydney.  since i don't have any leave from work really due to some upcoming vacations/not being there very long, i decided it was still a rare opportunity for me to be able to go see a city i've always wanted to see.

so i went, and ended up falling absolutely head over heels for this city.  it's a much busier city than auckland, and reminded me a little bit more of new york with the high rises, ample public transportation, and the abundance of restaurants, shops, and other entertainment.  one thing sydney does have on new york, however, was that i was able to get on a bus for 20 minutes and get to an amazingly beautiful beach for the day.  also a plus, it seemed like a few american products i have been missing were more readily available in sydney. which is pretty strange considering the shipping cost to australia versus new zealand shouldn't a vast difference. just saying...

anyway, i went into the trip with loose plans.  i didn't want to disappoint myself if i wasn't able to do everything i wanted, however, by some miracle i checked most things i had on my list and more. this means i'll be doing a couple of posts about some of the things i did, but in the meantime below are a few of the highlights of sydney.


hyde park

hyde part artsy photo

last artsy sydney photo...maybe.

sydney opera house.

 zoom, zoom.

sydney harbour bridge.  


the strand. 

a small alley filled with birdcages i stumbled down while exploring. not sure if there's any more significance than that.

 the rocks

oh sydney, you're so considerate!

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