after i had digested my airport food binge, likely aided by some of the violent shaking i was doing going up and down the gondola, i was finally hungry for lunch and i knew exactly where i wanted to go - fergburger.

i had heard about fergburger through the unlikeliest of sources, my parents. when they came down for the holidays, since i didn't have any leave from work to take off time during the week to spend with them, they took a quick trip down to queenstown to check it out and stumbled across this little gem while they were there.

the menu was extensive and full of things i thought i would like.  i was particularly drawn to some of the chicken burgers (i.e. the bombay chicken or the sweet julie) and also was interested in the bun laden  falafel option (which i decided not to order based on principle).  going back and forth between these options while in line, as soon as i made it to the front i made a game time decision and decided instead on none of the above.  

fergburger and fergbaker.

decisions, decisions.

inside the restaurant.

anxiously awaiting their delicious meat patties.

i went for the original - the fergburger - adding a twist with a topping of blue cheese.  i'm not usually a blue cheese on red meat kind of gal (maybe it's more of a dude thing to order? i'm not sure), but in the heat of the moment i felt i needed to have my burger this way.  after living in new york and having done a self-lead "burger tour" through a city best known for this delicacy, i'm confident in saying that this is the best burger in the world.  in. the. world. i could eat one for every meal and be the happiest girl alive.  the fattest girl, but very very happy.

step by step photos of me eating my burger begin now.

the fergburger with blue cheese. please don't judge me like the man behind the burger counter did - i was in a mood.

of course after i bee lined into fergburger, i ran into a situation.  right next door to fergburger is fergbaker, the cleverly named sister store to fergburger that sells pies (both savory and sweet), coffee, pizzas, foccacia bread, and several gorgeous pastries.  it took a lot for me to pass on picking up one of these delicious desserts for "a little sweet with my salty," but since the burger i had just consumed was about the size of my head, my will power got the best of me and i walked past.

that didn't last too long, however, as i returned the next day on an empty stomach looking for lunch.  i decided to try one of their savory pies - pork belly with an apple mustard sauce and onions - and get a little mini pie for dessert - banoffee pie, which translates to banana and toffee flavored. as expected, both were delicious and led me to worry about the future of my new years 2012 diet after consuming these delicious treats.

stay tuned....

fergbaker entry way.

the goods.

my mini banoffee pie.

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  1. I feel like I'm destined to go there as it's my namesake slash identity. How long are you down under, my dear friend? I'll be in NY and missing you in a few weeks!

    Shae Ferguson