kiwi crawl

i battled for awhile on saturday whether or not i should go out or stay in and curl up (maybe even with another fergburger).  there are so many pros about traveling alone - being on your own schedule, eating when you want, sleeping when you want, making sure you get to see everything you wanted to see, not worrying about someone else's preferences for food/lodging.  the one thing that still gets me, however, is going out alone. i honestly don't really worry about being on my own so much as i worry about dealing with the obvious "that's kind of weird" feelings that other people have when you are out a bar.  like "what could this chick be up to at a bar by herself anyway?" being bold - that's what.

i decided to take the bold route and just go for it.  on the key to my hostel was a deal on a "teapot" at a bar called world bar.  no explanation as to what a "teapot" was ended up being the perfect way to drag me over and order one.

where it all began - a teapot cocktail special at world bar.

the world bar.

live music at world bar.

i stayed at world bar for about an hour finishing my teapot, which ended up being a cocktail served in a porcelain teapot and was embarrassingly enough served to me with tiny neon shot glasses and instructions "not to drink out of the teapot." as if it wasn't enough for me to be at the bar alone, there's no better way to put a spotlight on someone than by making them drink a cocktail out of tiny colorful plastic glasses.  

as you can imagine, this ended up getting me a bit of attention, and two guys ended up approaching me to ask what my plans were for the rest of the night. they were going on something called the "kiwi crawl," which was basically a pub crawl through all the most popular bars in queenstown.  it was $25 for 6 free drinks, drink deals at all the bars, and free pizza, so i threw caution to the wind and signed myself up.  besides, barup was on the list of bars, and i had been wanting to go there to try their special - the "money shot."

money shots at barup. delicious.

the north american crew.

this guy had no idea what photo he was getting into, which makes this picture that much more awesome.

SO excited to find a bar with bud. and probably the first time i've ever had bud heavy.

the boiler room.

disgusting free shots. that we each had two of.

the night was pretty typical of any night out.  i made friends immediately with two canadian girls, blair and cayla, and we pretty much spent the rest of the night making fun of other people on the tour and saying things like "don't you miss ____ from north america?"  it's kind of funny how when you live in the US, we consider ourselves much different from the canadians, when in fact we're pretty similar.  or maybe it's just that we're similar when we're placed together across the world with a bunch of people who are totally different from our everyday.  either way, we were basically besties.

then the night took an interesting turn.  it just so happened that it was the birthday of one of the girls on the crawl, and man did she want to celebrate.  at about bar 3, blair, cayla, and i were in a discussion about how excited i was to see bud being served at a bar, when all of a sudden we heard a very spring break flash backish "woohoo!!"  turning around, the birthday girl was up on the bar, in her underwear, allowing people to take body shots off her.  pretty ridiculous, but definitely entertaining.

for the rest of the night it was pretty hard to keep her clothes on her, and she even got kicked out of the last bar we went to for being "too pissed."  believe me, in NZ, that takes a lot. so worth $25, even if it was just for the show.

dancing on the bar. you can thank me later for posting clothed only photos.

dropping it. like it's hot?

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  1. Hahahah I love it!! Birthday girl. Great blog girl :)