rosenborg slot

staying true to lonely planet’s suggested top 5, we made our way to the rosenborg slot castle. it was actually right next to a sandwich place that was suggested to us as a local favorite, so it was more a matter of convenience of being next to a place that we wanted to eat at. kidding….

the castle was built in the early 17th century by christian iv, and i honestly couldn’t imagine another first name more suitable for a danish royalty. bet that’s not how you thought that sentence was going to end. anyway, the castle is considered one of the great landmarks of copenhagen, and was filled floor to ceiling with luxurious décor. everything you would expect from a fairy tale castle was included, from gilded mirrors, detailed tapestries, marble table tops, and hand painted ceilings. i’ll spare you the photos my mom and i took of us fake sitting in the throne.

outside the castle.

the winding staircase.

the throne. 

next on the tour we headed down to the treasury portion of the castle that showcased the danish crown jewels. i’m pretty sure i’ve seen a royal jewelry collection somewhere, though i honestly can’t remember exactly when and where, which means i was either a young kid or drunk. hoping for the former since the latter makes for a pretty pathetic sense of fun things to do when drunk. 

anyway, this particular royal collection was more exquisite than any i had remembered from ones i have seen before.  perhaps the danish are just good with lighting, but everything in the collection had a perfectly polished sparkle.  the details on the jewelry, dishware, and even the building itself were incredible and it was pretty obvious that everything was done by hand.  i was so taken aback by how beautiful everything was in fact, that i can’t even make a poorly thought out joke about those suckers in centuries past that spent hours on these tiny little goblets we saw.

beautiful royal china - registering for this when i get married.

royal teacups - kind of like those ones you get at the mall with your kid's photo on it, but in gold.

oh, just some new accessory i picked up.

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