cph canal tour

when seeking advice about what to do while in copenhagen, a majority of people made it clear that in order to truly see the city, you needed to see it from the water.  clearly this wasn’t necessarily hush-hush advice intended for only those who are in the know, as there were plenty of companies in the city offering canal tours.  they are so popular in fact, that these hour long tours have boats leaving every 15 minutes for a majority of the day, which is pretty intense considering this is a pure act of tourism and not a means of getting around the city.

i could write a few paragraphs about the tour and what we saw, but unfortunately every sentence i’m currently forming in my head sounds like a cheesy guide book – “it was gorgeous,” “the views were breathtaking,” “definitely recommend it to anyone visiting,” and “two thumbs up.”  ok, i wouldn’t actually use that last phrase as i’m no siskel or ebert, but instead of writing about the views, i’ll show you.

view from the canal.

standard copenhagen photo. 

the opera house.

the royal ship.

the little mermaid.

carlsberg on the water. 

one of the many low bridges we went through. not a tour for the tall people of the world.

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